encountering emerging naturecultures

Ecodata. Naturally Artificial Intelligence

November 5, 2019

In climate change research, the Swiss National Science Institute (WSL) scientists have obtained a unique experience by monitoring and observing several areas in Swiss Alps for almost three decades already. “Ecodata” project is the initiative by the curator Yvonne Volkart and Institute of Aesthetic Practices (Basel), and it involves international team of artists who are working closely together with the forest scientists, creating audiovisual artworks and sonifications. 
In addition to Ecodata exhibition which will show the result of long term art-science research, the larger conference on “Naturally Artificial Intelligence” will be organized by RIXC in Riga. “The original vision of artificial intelligence was about automation of cognition, conjuring images of robots and superhuman computers. But today AI plays a crucial role in culture—for instance, in recommending music, videos, and potential “friends” on social media—influencing our behavior and imagination. The integration of AI into the everyday lives of billions raises important questions about the future of culture, aesthetics, and taste.” The conference will be discussing the impact of AI on culture, featuring the Keynote speaker Lev Manovich, professor of computer science at The Graduate Center, New York. The conference topics will cover large spectrum of the topics relevant for this project, and will collect the papers from the speakers for the GREEN publication.