encountering emerging naturecultures

Ecodata. Naturally Artificial Intelligence



Dates (Period): 08/10/2020 – 17/11/2020

Location: Riga, Latvia

Organizer: RIXC

This year’s RIXC Festival is a collaboration with “Ecodata – Ecomedia – Ecoaesthetics” project, which explores the role and significance of new media, technologies and technoscientific methods in the arts for the perception and awareness of the ecological. The festival will feature Ecodata exhibition and symposium, Open Fields conference and an open programme by emerging artists.


Ecodata – Ecomedia – Ecoaesthetics 

October 9 – November 17, 2020.

The National Library of Latvia, Riga

October 8, 18.00 – The Festival and Exhibition Opening Programme.

The exhibition is an outcome of the 3-year research project “Ecodata – Ecomedia – Ecoaesthetics” led by Yvonne Volkart, with the participation of artists Marcus Maeder, Rasa Smite, Aline Veillat, and it will feature also the works by other internationally acknowledged artists working in the field of media art, science, and ecology.



October 9, 10.00-18.00

In relation to the exhibition, the art and science symposium will take place, featuring invited keynote speakers and exhibition artist presentations. It is a collaboration between artists, scientists and institutions in Switzerland and Latvia.



Open Fields – 2020 Conference

October 10, 10.00-18.00 2020

Open Fields is an annual conference by RIXC Festival that gathers together artists and researchers on art and science in relation to the RIXC’s annual festival topics. It also showcases the work by emerging artists through performances, artistic interventations, pop-up exhibitions, workshops and presentations.  

The conference will be discussing the impact of AI on culture, featuring the Keynote speaker Lev Manovich, professor of computer science at The Graduate Center, New York. The conference topics will cover large spectrum of the topics relevant for this project, and will collect the papers from the speakers for the GREEN publication.