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New Media Art Week Update: Human. Nature (1.1.)


“Update 1.0: Green Technologies” Dates (Period): 04/11/2019 – 08/11/2019 Location: Liepaja / Latvia
Organiser: MPLab – Art Research Lab of Liepaja

During the three year period (2019 – 2021) Art Research Laboratory (MPLab) will be organizing series of WorkLab – art hackathons on Green Technologies, which will be one-week long intense program consisting of workshops, exhibitions, seminars and a public day with participatory workshops for families and children in Liepaja. Exploring the crossover among Ecologies, Art and Technologies, the participants will experiment and engage with the most innovative sensory and immersive technologies of today – from virtual reality to immersive sound environments, point clouds and laser scanned 3D environments, as well as swarm robots and artificial intelligence, reconsidering our relations with the technologies and its impact and relation to nature. The WorkLabs will be organized by MPLab during its annual international gatherings – iWeek (International Week), which every year brings together more than 80 young artists, emerging designers, students, researchers and art educators from at least 10 European countries. The results of the workshops will be presented in public exhibitions, “show and tell” evenings, and closing day with public open workshops for children. 

Sintija Plāce,  Window 2 Bliss, 2019 (3D environment, screenshot)

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Update – Human. Nature

New media art week in Liepaja (Latvia)
November 4 – 8, 2019
Liepaja University Art Research Laboratory (MPLab), Liepaja, Kurmajas pr. 13, Latvia


Monday, November 4
11.00 Introducing the schedule, breakfast
12.00 – 16.00 Workshops
17.30 – 20.00 Skill sharing || talk/mini-workshop
Tuesday, November 5
10.00 – 16.00 Workshops
17.00 – 20.00 Skill sharing || talk/mini-workshop
Wednesday, November 6
10.00 – 17.00 Workshops
18.00 Show&Tell || open presentations event
Thursday, November 7
10.00 – 15.00 Concluding workshops, setting-up exhibition
16.00 International partners meeting
17.00 – 20.30 1st Exhibition opening Update.01
Friday, November 8
12.00 2nd Exhibition opening Update.02
14.00 – 17.00 Seminar || Post-nature. Post-digital. Post-human.
19:00 iDisco || Performance event

Update. Hybrid Lab Masterclasses

“Update 1.0: Green Technologies” Dates (Period): 03/03 and 17/03/2021 Location: Liepaja, Latvia / online
Organiser: MPLab – Art Research Lab of Liepaja

To maintain creative and research curiosity, Liepaja University Art Research Laboratory, MPLab, organizes online master classes on various unique topics – laser scanning, photogrammetry, sound art, and creative programming. Masterclasses are intended for everyone, also those without prior knowledge.

New media art should not be seen as a skill for a limited audience. Although the terms seem complicated at first, these skills are accessible, learnable, and usable by everyone. In the current situation, online masterclasses will allow you to engage your mind, to gain new hobbies or new skills to achieve creative goals.

The first master class will take place on March 3 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (GMT+2). In a two-hour intensive master class, participants will learn an introduction to laser scanning and techniques for using this versatile technology, widely used in various fields, to create works of art. The master class will be taught by Professor Žilvinas Lilas (LT / DE), who has many years of experience in both lecturer work and work with laser scanning technologies. The master class will explain the principles of laser scanning and show ways to apply them in practice in creating 3D images and animations.

The second master class will take place on March 17 (same time – from 18:30 PM to 20:30 PM). Its topic will be photogrammetry and the integration of the resulting models into online pages and applications (using WebGL and A-frame). Photogrammetry allows you to “scan” real objects for use in a variety of 3D environments. Even for those who are not interested in different 3D environments and game creation, photogrammetry skills allow to preserve memories, objects in a new way – similar to photography and video. The master class will be presented by artist Alvis Misjuns, who has created an interactive 3D model of the Latvian Academy of Arts and a model of a Latvian homestead, digitizing the exhibit of the Latvian National Open-Air Museum, as well as his own 3D portraits.

The master class series will continue in April and May and will be directed by 3 artists – Shelly Knotts (UK), Alexandra Cardenas (CO / DE), and Oliva Jack (US). The aim of these 3 master classes is not only to introduce participants to easily accessible sounding techniques in isolation (requiring only a computer and not a special sound studio) but also to change stereotypes about sound art and programming as a masculine profession, thus encouraging young female sound and media artists to try these open-access technologies. Importantly, if participants learn creative programming, they will be less dependent on commercial software vendors and will be able to develop their own unique means of digital artistic expression.

“Update. Hybrid Lab” is intended for students, artists, researchers, educators, and other interested parties. All events will be free and viewable online in real-time, and participants will also be able to engage in discussions with lecturers, as well as watch the recordings online later.

The lecture series “Update. Hybrid Lab ”is organized by Liepaja University Art Research Laboratory (MPLab, in cooperation with ASTE. Art, Science, Technology, Education ( and the new media culture center RIXC (

“Update. Hybrid Lab” was created with the support of the European Union program “Creative Europe” project “GREEN Revisited. Encountering Emerging Naturecultures”.

Photo: Alvis Misjuns