encountering emerging naturecultures

POSTSENSORIUM. Sensible Life and Ecologies Beyond the Green


Open Fields 2021 Conference and RIXC Art-Science Festival Exhibition

“ We like to imagine ourselves as rational beings who think and speak, yet to live means first and foremost to look, taste, feel, or smell the world around us. But sensibility is not just a faculty: We are sensible objects both to ourselves and to others, and our life is through and through a sensible life.” (Emanuele Coccia) Based on the idea and new ecology theories, this exhibition will explore the notion of “sensible” not only from the technological perspective (e.g. how sensors are used in science research), but also from multiple other senses, such as scent, which recently has become a new trend in contemporary art, as well as sound – in which Latvia and also the countries in the Baltic Nordic region have already a strong tradition.