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UnGreen: Futures of Living Technologies (FELT) (2.3)


Exhibition and Renewable Futures 2020 Conference and Exhibition CONFERENCE  & PUBLIC WORKSHOPS “UnGreen: Futures of Living Technologies”, EXHIBITION  & PUBLIC EDUCATION PROGRAM
Dates (Period): 01/09/2020 – 31/12/2020 
Location: Oslo, Norway 
Organizer: Art in Society and Applied Artificial Intelligence groups / Oslo MET 

Thymios robots of ”Pheromone performance: emulating ants”.  Photo: Haakon H. Roen

The conference will engage an interdisciplinary combination of researchers and artists from fields such as artistic research, architecture, media art, interaction design, applied artificial intelligence, robotics, life sciences, art education and pedagogy. The conference will invite academic and artistic presentations giving diverse perspectives connected to how we experience and express aliveness today. Interrelations and intersections that occur between human beings, living environments and machines might evoke a sense of the uncanny and a fear of domination and surveillance. This might also reveal a world of possibilities of becoming, creation of new forms and behaviors. Could we develop aliveness and create a more balanced existence? Can we enhance our senses and communication to become beings that are more adapted to co-existence with our environments and other species? The conference will provide several formats for creative interventions, discussion and exchange. Public workshops will be given in collaboration with OsloMet’s public makerspace “Makeriet”. 

The core of UnGreen:FELT exhibition is to investigate the ambiguous questions of our future by artistic means in close proximity to science and interdisciplinary research. At the intersection of ecology, art and technology the exhibition will provide another angle on the themes from the Renewable Futures 2020 series, that conference UnGreen- Futures of Living Technologies. Art works, performances and a public activities program will be curated as a discursive and performative platform for sensuous experience and mental engagement with the conditions of our futures. 

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